Crisis Analysis

My plane is navigating
among hazardous waste
cruel fate in life
I need to take out my part
among hazardous waste
there has been nothing like this before
asteroid or omission
war or maybe terror

The twilight is consistent
everything has changed
proven fears
no confirmation

Mountains of garbage everywhere
destroyed new age
the ruins of the yesterday:
shabby junk, odds and ends

Sun's disk covered with dust
darkened sky
about 30 years as calculated
to purify the atmosphere
starvation got daily
the looting, the terror
transport stopped long ago
the madness rampages freely

The economy is paralysed
significant part of the industry
followed by the bankruptcy
of the society, the civilization

The nature handles is longest
the agony of the organic material
the living world is still "vegetating"
all up to 2 years

My machine is navigating
among hazardous waste
in this critical situation
the interest does not matter
and so many new science disciplines
unknown or secret ones
it is more important now than at any time
to purify the atmosphere

The never seen collaboration
the man behind the science
Humanity is the greatest
adaptive system

Nanomachines everywhere
last chance for a new start
the pawn of our new beginning
is the key of reconstruction


from Uj Latasmod Fuzio - Fuzio Adventures, released July 1, 2013


all rights reserved



Uj Latasmod Fuzio Hungary

Új Látásmód Fúzió - founded in 1992 - is a cult-band of the obscure Hungarian Synth-Wave etc... scene. Their sound stretches from moody decadent casio-synthpunk, unpolished minimalist synth-pop, industrial-influenced cold wave and analogue electro things to a kind of absurd avant-garde kitschy cabaret. ... more

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